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Just better than average.
Not quite full-on impressive.



Who Are We?

You see that cloud up there in the top, left of this page? That's Bernard McStrata, aka Bernie the Cloud. Bernie tells great dinner party stories. Bernie tells stories of his worldwide travels through the sky. He's visited so many places and he loves to tell people about it.

Well, we're a lot like Bernie. You see, we're up in the clouds, somewhere on the "www", all in that crazy internet machine of yours. We also have something else in common with Bernie. Bernie has a rather prominent tattoo that you may have noticed. That check mark is a symbol of positivity. When you see a check mark, you think "everything seems a-ok here". That's what we are, a bastion of acceptable work.

Check out our products and maybe drop us a line if you want to talk about things: like your favorite local sports team, that one unbelievable thing that one politician did, or maybe about some work that you might like done.

What Do We Do?

In short, we create things. Maybe not a lot of things, but some things. We hope our things are useful to you, and that you're willing to give us money in exchange for use of these things.

Some of the things we create are web applications. Solutions for the problems you might have. Feature-driven, cutting edge, dynamic, and other buzzword solutions for your problems.

Sometimes we create solutions for people we don't know yet, hoping that they have this problem we are solving. Other times, we create solutions for specific people that pay us ahead of time. We like to call this "consulting".

Would you like us to solve your problems? Bring us some money, we might be able to solve them. Contact and let's see if we can't work out some sort of arrangement to squash your problems.

Some of our products


Get creative with your photography,
not your accounting.


Tell me a story about...


Want to talk to us about a cool idea you might have? Maybe have a question about one of our product offerings? Want to see if we have time to join your pyramid scheme? Let's discuss possibilities!


Having issues with one our products? We find that unlikely. Have you tried turning it off and back on again? But seriously, if you're having issues, we would love to help.
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